Friday, August 11, 2006

Got Junk In Your Trunk?

Over the years, I've heard so much about the importance of detoxing to maintain a healthy mind and body. While reading many articles on the subject, I remember thinking, "wow, that's amazing stuff" but never really thought I should consider probing deeper. I try to eat sensibly, drink obscene amounts of water (obscene for me since I never liked drinking water) and try to get a reasonable amount of exercise. So, no need for me to be concerned with the million or so parasites living inside my body, right?

Well, I was quite comfortable with my life and body until I started noticing gradual changes to my health and appearance! I noticed that the slight bouts of IBS I had in my twenties increased as I got older. Then, the once-dormant upper respiratory issues I had became more prominent and annoying.

One day, while surfing the 'net for organic home cleaning products, I came across more information on detoxing and for some reason, this time, I paid close attention (guess I'm no longer in denial). I starting reading everything I could get my hands on about inner health, alternative healing, etc. I came across this site that had a huge amount of testimonials for a product that is supposed to "flush" all of the gook our bodies accumulate in a short amount of time.

Long story short....I bought that product a few days ago. I'm so excited, I can hardly wait. The prospect of being able to breathe easier, feel more energetic, look more radiant and, here's the clincher for me...loose weight and have a much flatter stomach :>)...has me positively giddy! I'll keep you posted on the progress of my journey as I continue on the quest for better health. If this product works for me, I'll post the product name and the website where you can find it. If it doesn't work? Well, I'll just have to send my boys Gustov and Guido to break some legs...(I'm just kidding, of course).

Meanwhile, while I'm working on cleaning up the junk in my trunk, here are a few links to articles and/or websites with so much information you won't be able to ignore the fact that it may be time for you to take some action. Happy reading!

Detoxification Therapy Science Detox Fight Body Pollution

8/7/06 - Update....Ok, I've been using this program for a little over a month now and it's time to weigh in (pardon the pun :>)... I'm using the Colonix Internal Cleansing Program created by Nr. Natura. There are three parts to the program/kit:

  • Colonix Intestinal Cleanser: Cleanses the colon of accumulated toxic build-up and prevents the formulation of new build-up through the use of dietary fiber
  • Paranil Vegetarian Capsules: Anti-parasite support helps the body to eliminate harmful parasites, including intestinal worms and their eggs from the colon and other parts of the body
  • KleriTea Herbal Tea: Helps to promote regularity

My review of the products...

The first thing I must mention is that this really is an easy program to use. In the beginning, you start the day by taking two of the Paranil capsules with a large glass of water. About 20 minutes later, you follow with the Colonix fiber powder mixed with water or other beverage. Before going to bed, you drink a cup of the KleriTea. As you progress into the program, you increase the prescribed dosage.

The Colonix cleanser is not at all tasty (I've tried a few powdered colon cleansers and they all taste terrible...LOL) and it turns into a huge clump of jelly-like sludge if you don't drink it quickly enough as it contains psyllium husks. To me, this is the worst part of the program.

The Paranil capsules don't taste that great either (is that garlic I taste?) but at least they are capsules and once you swallow them with water, the pain is pretty much over.

The KleriTea is DELICIOUS! I love herb teas so when I had my first cup of tea I just wanted to drink it morning, noon and night so this was a piece of cake for me.

I also bought the Flora Protect Probiotics as suggested when I purchased the kit but I haven't started using those yet.

I had to increase the recommended dosage of the Colonix powder in order for it to work properly and the instructions did mention that you should increase or decrease as needed. I have found this program to be very effective and very gentle. I admit that I was a little worried that I would be somewhat incapacitated while using the products but I was able to carry out my normal duties with out any embarassing inconveniences--if you know what I mean.

Without disclosing the unpleasant details :>) the product did what it promised (exept that I never saw any worms or parasites and I must admit that I was a little disappointed about this)! Guess I'll have to just keep working to get those pesky little buggers out of my body. I actually noticed the boost in energy right away and during my third week on the program, I noticed that I was definitely loosing weight. Overall, if you followed the instructions, especially regarding the water intake, you should have no problem using the program with great results. The program cost $75.50 and the Flora Protect Probiotics cost $19.95--the shipping was free. I would have to give this product 4 out of 5 stars (only 4 stars because I hate drinking that goey fiber stuff and I wanna see some worms, darn it!...LOL).

Also, I must admit that using this program has helped me to increase my water intake and to be happy about it. I don't drink nearly as many sodas and and eat a lot of other sweets now and I try really hard to eat balanced, healthy meals.

Ok, that's my story. What's yours? Are you ready to do something about the junk in your trunk? Remember, death begins in the colon so protect yours by any means necessary. Try the Colonix program from or one of the many other programs and products on the market today because you deserve to have the best health possible! p1

8/15/06 - Today I saw a blog where this lady started a contest to give away a one month's supply of Colonix products. There were several entries to the blog and at the end, they were asked to vote for the winning entry. One of the posters, Betty Coram, won the contest. Here is her winning entry...LOL!!!

Betty Coram says:

I feel I need to cleanse my hiney

My butt is becoming not too tiny

What do you say about the worms, the fecal mess, and all the germs?

My stomach’s becoming one big bloat

I hope I just don’t rock the boat

I really need a colon cleanse

Then maybe all will come out well IN THE END….

See the other responses and finalists here :>).

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