Monday, May 14, 2012


After 11 wonderful years on the internet, is closing its doors...

Since 2001, I have had the pleasure of helping you to relax and pamper yourselves and to inspire you to live a fuller, more intentional life. I have enjoyed being the creative force behind Amethyst Rising, creating and sourcing some of the finest body, spa and motivational products available.

I am sad the doors of Amethyst Rising are closing but I am excited about my new Christ-centered entrepreneurial endeavor. When God closes one door, He opens another! I have dedicated my life to the care and service of others and I pray that if it is God's will, He will continue to allow me to do so.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011


hu-mil-i-ty: noun - the quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one's own importance, rank, etc.

Photo "In Humility" courtesy of
A friend sent an inspirational article to several people via email. The piece was entitled, "Acquiring Humility" and contained a list of 12 suggestions on how to humble yourself with references to biblical scriptures.

One of the reasons this article resonated so deeply with me is because for a while, although I thought I was a kind and caring person, I had developed a sense of self-importance--because I considered myself a kind and caring person. Ironic, right?

Acknowledge your sin to others (James 5:16)

I had convinced myself that as long as I centered my life around the care and service of others, I had a right to think highly of myself. I had endured the struggle of a childhood of abuse and emotional neglect and had emerged an adult with character, compassion and conviction. Although I felt happy, something was missing. Eventually, I realized what was missing from my life was a connection--a divine connection with God. I also realized that the life I had so carefully built was void of one significant truth: I was not all I thought I was! The world did not revolve around me and my self-appointed sense of entitlement. I was finally able to see that the greatness and importance I possessed were because of the life and blessings that God's grace had afforded me. This was the beginning of my new life, a life of true joy and humility. I had to die to self in order to really live!

Today, with the grace of God, I am more humble, grateful and loving and I give all the credit where it is truly due--To God. My unhealthy ego has left the building and my life has never been better. 

Humility is such an important topic because many people are struggling with issues of selfishness, narcissism, pride, anger, negativity and so many other unhealthy thoughts and attitudes. They do not understand why they are always attracting negative people, situations and strife into their lives. They have a way of making life harder than it has to be and insist on blaming everyone and everything except themselves for the lack of joy and peace in their lives.

I can only hope that through my testimony, others will be able to take an honest, realistic look at themselves and begin to make the necessary changes to live a virtuous life--a life filled with peace and joy. "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." ~ Matthew 6:33
Click here if you'd like to read the article that inspired this post. May God bless you and continue to enrich your life.

Please note that the original source of the attached article is unknown and I ask forgiveness if I am infringing on copyrighted material.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Your Home, Your Sanctuary

The home was intended to be a sanctuary--the one place where you can go to feel protected, loved and nurtured; to rest, experience joy and get inspired. Optimize the energy in your home (and on the grounds) by cleaning it often, keeping it well-lit, chaos and clutter-free, and honoring it with lots of music, dancing and cheerful gatherings. Seems simple and it is. If you shower your home with love, care and consideration, you can look forward to a lifetime of happiness and security while you're there.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane & Disaster Preparedness

The east coast is preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Irene (expected to hit North Carolina sometime late Friday night). If you live along the Eastern Seaboard, please take these storm warnings seriously (especially evacuation requests) prepare yourself and your family for an emergency.

Below are links to resources for preparedness--general information on hurricanes/tropical storms, who to call for help, suggestions on foods and other items to stockpile, care of property, family, pets, etc.

General Hurricane Info (FEMA)
Emergency Management Agencies (listed by state) 
American Red Cross 
Quake Kare Inc. 
Best Foods to Stockpile for an Emergency

Also, please be mindful of others in your community who may be vulnerable (elderly, sick and handicapped individuals, single moms etc.) and try to lend a hand if you can. Please take care and STAY SAFE!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jo Malone Master Class

Fragrance is intensely personal and should be as unique as the individual wearing it...

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Master Class hosted by David Ponce, Educational Director of Jo Malone London. I wasn't sure what to expect but I instinctively knew if Jo Malone fragrances were involved, this was going to be a very special event.

The moment I walked into the room I was captivated and when I saw the beautifully arranged product display, the flickering candlelight, the assortment of healthy tea sandwiches, organic teas and other delicious offerings I was filled with excitement and anticipation for what was about to happen and I was not disappointed!

Jo Malone Product Display

Tea Buffet

The presentation began with Mr. Ponce regaling us with stories about the creator, Ms. Jo Malone. He spoke of her humble beginnings in Kent, England, and of the inspirations behind each of the special fragrances in the Jo Malone brand. He held us at rapt attention with an amazing combination of Latin good-looks, extensive product knowledge and his fiery passion for all things Jo Malone. 

As he shared the story of each scent, fragrance strips were given to the guests so we could get a whiff of the alluring blends and be instantly transported to the time and place of the scent's inspiration. After the presentation, Mr. Ponce and the other hosts helped each guest choose fragrances to create their own signature scent. I chose two of my absolute favorites: English Pear & Freesia Cologne and Blue Agava & Cacao Bath Oil. Individually, both scents are amazing but combined, they are down right intoxicating!

From the very first product created years ago (Nutmeg & Ginger Bath Oil) to the most popular scent in the line today (Lime, Basil & Mandarin), Jo Malone London has taken the art of fragrance combining to a new level. Each fragrance has been created to combine with every other fragrance in the line and with over 20 exquisitely crafted colognes, there are endless options for you to create your own "bespoke" scent.  Guys, don't fret...many of the fragrances are unisex so you will enjoy them too. I highly recommend Blue Agava & Cacao, Pomegranate Noir, Lime, Basil & Mandarin and Black Vetyver Cafe--all very sexy fragrances that will drive the ladies wild.

Jo Malone London Gifts
Jo Malone London has an impressive array of elegant gifts for any occasion--all expertly wrapped in their luxurious black and cream signature packaging. Treat yourself or give Jo Malone London fragrance gifts of distinction. With so many options, you are only as limited as your imagination. If you're in the Baltimore area, stop by the fragrance bar in Nordstrom at Towson Town Center Mall and ask Laura or Seery for a personal fragrance consultation. Tell them I sent you. :>)

Friday, February 25, 2011

What is your passion and purpose?

"When you live your passion, you become passionate about living!" ~ Iyanla Vanzant

My passion is serving, nurturing and motivating others.  I've done this most of my life but it wasn't until recently, when I partnered with a friend to start a personal concierge company, that I realized I have a natural talent for doing these things.  Whether I'm creating luxurious body and spa products, helping a client to minimize clutter in their personal space or motivating someone to create a more positive inner dialogue, I'm always plugged in to ways to make others feel good.  When I'm helping others, I'm happy, filled with a sense of purpose and satisfaction and my life is greatly improved.  I'm living my passion and thus have become more passionate about living.

What is your passion and purpose in life?  You may not have to think hard about this question--the answer is closer than you think. Think about what makes you laugh or smile, what gives you boundless energy, or what helps you feel balanced and at peace.  Realizing your passion could change the way you view and live your life.

Need inspiration to discover your passion and purpose? Uncover helpful clues and get daily emotional support with Motivational Card Decks.

Monday, December 06, 2010

To Gift or Not to Gift?

To gift or not to gift is the question. The answer to that would depend on the individuals involved. Psychological studies show there are many positive and negative emotional consequences of gift-giving.

Positive emotional consequences can include experiencing the satisfaction of being able to give someone something they've wanted or needed, or showing others that you remember and care about their special events/dates.

Negative emotional consequences can include irritation at spending more money than you should have, hurt feelings of not having your gift reciprocated, realizing the gift you gave freely has made someone feel bad because they cannot reciprocate, or seeing the gift you made/carefully selected end up at the back of someone’s closet or on a table as a "white elephant gift" the following year.

As this gift-giving season gets underway, take a moment to stop and think about what you are doing and why you are doing it.  Prepare a list of the people you would like to give gifts to and make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Prepare a budget beforehand so you do not spend more than you intended or more than you can afford to spend. It may also be helpful to pay close attention to the recipient—the things they like and don’t like. Find a tactful way to do a little snooping if necessary. This time of year, people often start daydreaming out loud about items they’d love to have so listen and watch carefully. Needless to say your gift will be received a whole lot better if it appears you’ve given some thought to the recipient.

There’s been much debate about whether it is appropriate to give cash as a gift. Again, you have to know your recipient. If they are inclined to think that your giving them cash is a lazy cop out, you may want to shop for an actual gift. On the other hand, if they have been struggling financially as a result of job loss, etc. they may really appreciate a gift of cash. If you decide to give cash gifts, purchase a nicely decorated money envelope, make sure the bills are as clean/crisp as possible, tuck them into the envelope, and write a personal message on the back of the envelope, (“Dear Mark, I know you’ve been saving for a new guitar so here is a little something to help with your purchase. Happy Holidays!”) or something to that effect.

If you decide to opt out of the gift-giving frenzy due to the economy or other reasons, find a tactful way to inform people who would normally expect a gift from you as soon as possible. Also, be prepared to deal with any feelings that may arise from receiving a gift you cannot reciprocate.

The most important thing to remember is that you should always operate from a place of true authenticity. The holidays should be a fun and magical time so do not allow yourself to become stressed out based on what others are doing or expecting. If you decide to participate in gift-giving activities, weigh your options carefully and do what makes you feel good--during the holidays and long after they are gone.

Want ideas on inexpensive handmade gifts from your kitchen? Read my blog post: Handmade Culinary Holiday Gifts.