Friday, February 25, 2011

What is your passion and purpose?

"When you live your passion, you become passionate about living!" ~ Iyanla Vanzant

My passion is serving, nurturing and motivating others.  I've done this most of my life but it wasn't until recently, when I partnered with a friend to start a personal concierge company, that I realized I have a natural talent for doing these things.  Whether I'm creating luxurious body and spa products, helping a client to minimize clutter in their personal space or motivating someone to create a more positive inner dialogue, I'm always plugged in to ways to make others feel good.  When I'm helping others, I'm happy, filled with a sense of purpose and satisfaction and my life is greatly improved.  I'm living my passion and thus have become more passionate about living.

What is your passion and purpose in life?  You may not have to think hard about this question--the answer is closer than you think. Think about what makes you laugh or smile, what gives you boundless energy, or what helps you feel balanced and at peace.  Realizing your passion could change the way you view and live your life.

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  1. My life's purpose is doing energy healing sessions - everyone has their own passion and love your article! Great write!

  2. Hi, thank you for your comment and for the compliments on the article! I know the power energy cleaning and healing can have in a person's life and wish more people would take advantage of the resources available. Best of luck to you and thanks for all you do. :>)