Monday, October 09, 2006

October Specials

Fragrance of the Month: Pumpkin Spice (blend of pumpkin, exotic spices and creamy vanilla topped with a dollop of whipped cream sweetness. A holiday favorite!). Take 20% off all Pumpkin Spice fragrance products.

10% Off Coupon: Coupon Code: PUC10 - Take 10% of your entire order.

Happy Hour Specials: (available Mon.-Fri. from 7:00PM-9:00PM - EST)
1. Herbal Body Pillow - $25.00
2. Music To The Seven Chakras CD - $13.00
3. Oligo DX Cellulite Treatment - $32.95
4. Free $25 Gift Certificate - Spend $75 or more during Happy Hour and receive a $25 gift certificate.
5. Free Gift - For a limited time only, get a free gift with each Happy Hour purchase.

FREE Priority Shipping: - Get free priority shipping with orders over $35.00.

FREE Gift Wrap: Always free gift wrap at (no minimum order).

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