Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sweet Cupcake Candles: A Fraud??

While surfing the internet over the weekend, I came across an article that shocked me: Sweet Cupcake Candles (SCC) is a Fraud?...

The owner of SCC, Camilla Nichols, is reportedly on the run from the authorities as they investigate the fraudulent practices of her company. It is reported that Ms. Nichols had over 5,000 representatives throughout the US and several foreign countries sign up for her "business opportunity" and were scammed out of their money. Message boards all across the internet are hot with posts about misadventures with this company.

This truly saddens me as there are many people, many who are stay-at-home moms on a limited budget, looking for valid work-at-home options. This is especially hard for me to hear because something like this makes it bad for reputable companies who may have similar business opportunities--like ours. What a shame...and a mess. You just don't know who to trust anymore!


  1. She is at it again! be aware of and also a site called
    This time she was caught before she went on very long...but it was long enough...there are more people that have been ripped off!!!

  2. Thanks for the head's up! I just checked both of the sites you listed and they are not currently unavailable. SMH!

  3. Anonymous2:30 PM

    yes, they went down a couple days after everything came up into the open...just like the first site did! I think if you search the cashed pages, you can still find it.