Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Multiple-Duty Products

In today's economy, many consumers are looking to maximize their spending power and get the most bang for their buck for products and services. Here are a few quick tips for maximizing one of your favorite Pampering U products: CRYSTAL BATH SALTS:

Bathing - Add 2-3 tablespoons of scented Crystal Bath Salts to running bath water. Created with Dead Sea Salts and other natural ingredients, this product helps to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, promotes cell regeneration, reduces inflammation in muscles and joints and detoxifies and softens your skin. Pure essential oils impart various therapeutic benefits to the body and mind.

Simmer Fragrance - Add 4 tablespoons of scented Crystal Bath Salts to 1 quart of water and let water slowly simmer on stovetop for up to one hour (for sanitary reasons, we suggest you use an old pot you no longer use for cooking!!). After you have sufficiently scented your room, you can store the water for use at a later time. If you need to revive the fragrant water, just add another tablespoon to the mixture and simmer.

Simmer Fragrance - Add 2 teaspoons of Crystal Bath Salts and 1 tablespoon of water to an oil warmer. Add a lighted tealight candle to the base of the warmer and enjoy subtle fragrance for small spaces. Clean your oil warmer with a mild soap and warm water after each use.

Fragrance Sachet - Add 1/2 cup of Crystal Bath Salts to a small organza bag, silk scarf or nylon knee high and close securely. Place the bag in a lingerie drawer, linen closet, clothes closet, etc. to add gentle fragrance to the area. Once the fragrance dissipates, refresh with a few drops of one of our essential oil blends.

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