Saturday, April 12, 2008

Plug In, Eat Less

Are you present during your meals? You may be thinking, "what a silly question, of course I'm present during meals."

The truth is many of us are usually not aware of what we are eating. We have a tendency to fill our plates to the brim and then sit in front of the television, computer or read a book while we eat. We are so engrossed in other activity that we do not realize we are full after the first 3 or 4 forkfuls!

Shocking isn't it? It's true. The body has an uncanny ability to know when it's received sufficient nutrients it requires to maintain optimal health and vitality and it will send a signal to the brain when it is full.

Think about it...have you ever noticed that while you're eating you will get the urge to inhale and you start to slow down after the first few bites or forkfuls? This is your brain telling you that you're full. But, if you're not paying attention, you'll miss this vital sign and you'll start to overeat.

Challenge yourself to see if you can gradually begin to eat less and still feel satisfied. Here are a few tips that will help...

1. Reduce your food portions and eat several small meals throughout the day.
2. Bring your mind to the task at hand and savor the array of fragrances, flavors and textures each meal has to offer.
3. Chew your food slowly and completely, taking only small sips of liquid between swallows if necessary.
4. Don't feel you have to eat until you feel full. Stop eating the moment you feel nourished and satisfied.

You might take the process of eating a step further and imagine the nutrients healing your body or how the various colors of the foods are balancing and energizing your chakras.
Remember, the human stomach is approximately the size of a fist so love your body and take care not to over feed it.

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