Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Power of Grace

When I think of the word "Grace" I think of elegance, confidence, unselfishness, service and yes, I think of power. When we live with grace, we are conscious about the confidence and power that goes along with being in a state of grace. We are careful not view people and situations with judgment and we do not allow ourselves to be defined by the standards and judgment of others. We accept that we do not have to fight, bully or impose our will on others to be heard and we move through life with as much softness, love and light as possible. Knowing who we are, loving ourselves and others and being of service to those less fortunate can promote a lifetime of unwavering faith, power and grace.


  1. I needed this after the week I had. Thanks I can always count on you to be inspirational.

  2. Thank you, Betty! I'm happy you found value in this post. I wrote it as a reminder to myself because the last few days have been challenging for me also. Hmmm, is Mercury in retrograde or something? :>) Hope the weekend and next week goes much better for you (((HUGS))) ~ Lynn