Friday, August 01, 2008

The Gift of Love

One of our customers recently sent us a beautiful thank you card and while the message of thanks thrilled us, it was the story on the back of the card (see below) that tugged at our hearts:

...The offering is a highlight of the church service for our young children, who delight in placing the little offering envelope into the collection plate. We have made it a practice to tithe each Sunday morning and give a small offering during the evening service so that our two children each get to put something into the collection plate.

One Sunday evening, as it came time for the offering, I looked to my husband, who always seems to have change in his pocket, and found he had none. There was our young son, hand outstretched, waiting for those familiar coins to put in the envelope. I desperately searched my purse but it too was empty. We had to tell our boy that we just didn't have anything to give. Our son looked heartbroken.

Suddenly, there was a smile on his face and we watched as he blew a kiss into the offering envelope, proudly sealed it, and placed it into the collection plate just as it passed by.

That's what God really wants, isn't it? Each of us to offer Him the best we have. - Reva J. Reed.

Thanks, Cecelia, for taking the time to send this wonderful card. It inspired all of us to give the very best we have!

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