Monday, September 06, 2010

How to Use Motivational Cards (Repost)

The history of reading cards (cartomancy) dates back to the 1300's. European gypsies used cards to seek guidance about a past, present or future situation. Today, Oracle, Tarot and motivational cards are still a very popular way to seek guidance or to get personal and spiritual inspiration.

Working with cards can give you important clues in a reading. You can weave your impressions together to tell a story—allowing intuitive flow to connect the cards to the situation that is being asked about. There are many ways to use the motivational cards. Some of the most popular are drawing a single card, two cards or using a layout (typically a three card spread).

As you work with these beautifully illustrated card decks, you will practice the Law of Least Effort (simply shuffle the cards and pick one or more at random) and the Law of Intention (focus on the card's message, interpret what it means and how it relates to your life). Here's a great way to prepare for a card reading:

          • Meditation - start by drinking a little water, find a quiet place to sit and get comfortable but watch your posture. Concentrate on taking deep breaths in and out through the nose and sit quietly as you do your best to clear your mind of all thoughts.
          • Concentrate on the question or situation to which you are seeking guidance.
          • Thoroughly shuffle the cards and hold the entire deck near your heart. It wouldn't hurt to say a prayer for divine guidance and clarity.
          • Choose your method of drawing the cards--single, double or three card spread.
          • Once you have selected your card(s), study them for clues or insight relevant to your situation.
          Find a card deck that inspires you or get one for a friend. Happy reading!


          1. Just as soon as I read this post, I remembered that my friend let me borrow a set of her Tarot cards. I ran to my car to get them because I forgot that I had them. This is such an interesting subject to me.

          2. Hi Serahs, I agree. Working with cards is very interesting to me also. It's fascinating how even when we pick cards that on the surface do not seem to have relevance in our lives, if we dig deep enough and connect a few dots, we usually see some connection.

            So, did you do anything with those Tarot cards or just grab them to work with at another time? :>)