Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pampering: Necessity or Hype?

When most people think of pampering, they tend to think of activities that bring instant joy and comfort: a nice massage, a quick trip to the beauty salon for hair and nail treatments, etc. While these activities can do a lot to make us feel special in the moment, they usually don't have the long-term effects that most humans need to feel nurtured and connected on a continuous basis.

When I think of pampering, I think of activities that may strenghten our resolve, boost our energy and fortify our soul--activities that connect us to ourselves or to a higher power and give us the physical, emotional and spiritual grounding we need to thrive in this fast-paced and complex society.

To that end, we at Pampering U are dedicated to bringing you products, tools, articles and resources to help you gain happiness and balance in your everyday lives. Is pampering really necessary? You bet it is. Here's why:

~ When you take the time to take a relaxing bath, you are choosing a centuries-old ritual that has been proven beneficial because water is the most basic element of life and is wonderful for promoting relaxation, relieving stress and connecting the mind and body.

~ Did you know that through the act of non-sexual self-touch--as in the case of a body massage--you are improving your circulation, thus energizing a tired body and mind? You are also helping to loosen deep-seated toxins in the body and skin that are released into the system for natural elimination. In Ayurvedic medicine, Abhyanga (the practice of self-massage with warm massage oils) is recommended as a daily ritual because of its many benefits.

~ If you are like most people, you could probably benefit from a little divine guidance when it comes to seeking information or making critical life decisions. This is why psychics, numerologists and astrologers are so popular. If a physic or numerologist is a little over the top for you, you can still get divine guidance and nurturing from a deck of motivational cards. You may be surprised at the relevance and accuracy of a card reading...

These examples are just a few ways that you can pamper yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through regular self-pampering, not only will be you be able to reduce stress and promote relaxation (which could literally save your life and help you to live longer), you will also increase the positive energy and vibes you are putting out into the world and you'll attract more love, kindness and abundance! So, the question bears repeating: is pampering a necessity or just plain hype? You be the judge. Try some of these pampering techniques for yourself or visit our website at for more pampering products and tips.

Got a favorite pampering practice you'd like to share with us? We love feedback and suggestions. Leave a comment here.


  1. Taking a relaxing bubble bath is one of my favorite ways to pamper myself. It is inexpensive, accessible to anyone, and has immediate physical and mental benefits.

  2. I agree with you, Samara, bathing provides the perfect opportunity to relax and renew the body and mind and it is a lot less expensive than spa treatments. When you get a chance, check out my post for the citrus herb bath recipe. I'll post more recipes soon.

  3. Soylady7:29 PM

    Using my pampering u goodies at home in my favorite scent serenity is a surefire way for me to relax since I dont get much free time to get over to the spa.

  4. Yes, we're busier than ever these days and what better treat (for your soul and your purse) to take advantage of nurturing pampering treatments in your home. Thanks for your feedback!

  5. katie9:20 AM

    wow, the self-massage sounds like a wonderful idea. think maybe i'll try that. is the self-massage more beneficial at a particular time of day?

  6. Yes, it is recommended that the self-massage be performed in the morning before your bath or shower as it will be very stimulating, thus increasing your energy level. If you find you don't have the time or inclination to do it in the morning, you could do it in the evenings. If you choose evenings, try adding a relaxing essential oil-like lavender or chamomile-to your massage oil and then take a warm bath or shower before bed.