Monday, October 13, 2008

The Ritual of the Bath

Ever wonder why you feel so relaxed when you sit in a tub full of water? When you're immersed in water, about 90% of your weight is displaced so your body feels lighter and you relax almost instantly. Water is the most basic element of life and is great for connecting the mind and body.

People have been practicing the ritual of the bath for many centuries. Initially, in some cultures, bathing was discouraged and strongly opposed for many reasons but was later accepted and embraced once the benefits became clear. In ancient times, the bath was not only recognized for it's relaxing properties, it was also used as a means to prepare the mind and body for romantic encounters or to feel closer to the spirits. Every culture speaks of the bath's transformative powers of relaxation and consciousness and the addition of fresh flowers, herbs and fragrant oils only served to heighten the bathing experience! Today, not much has changed from ancient times. We still enjoy bathing for many of the same reasons and we still enjoy adding fragrant oils, natural herbs and other skin nurturing ingredients to our baths.

The next time you need to relax and unwind, create a sacred space in your bathroom and take a warm, soothing, therapeutic bath. Just relax and let the cares of the day melt away. You spend so much time caring for others, consider taking a few minutes at the beginning or the end of your day to do something nurturing for yourself. Your mind, body and soul (and perhaps even your family) will thank you for it!

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