Monday, February 23, 2009

Passion & The Law Of Attaction

What are you passionate about? Staying positive, spreading love, helping other people, negativity, drama, being the victim, being stuck in “woe-is-me” mode?...

When we are passionate about something, we release an undeniable, unstoppable energy that attracts to us the very thing we think most about or the thing we desire the most--positive or negative.

Have you ever had a day where one bad thing seems to set in motion an avalanche of unwanted occurrences or a really good day where there were great surprises around each corner? There is only one difference between the really good days and the really bad ones...your ATTITUDE.

If you remain passionate, positive and grateful for every experience, you feel happy and radiate this energy out into the universe. The universe reads this energy and says, "Ok, he/she wants to be happy so let's grant him/her more of the same..."

Don't take my word for it--try it for yourself. Pay close attention to your passions, desires and attitude. Make a conscious choice to be happy and positive and watch the blessings in your life begin to unfold at a rapid pace. It all starts with YOU, your attitude and your passion. If this post inspires you, please share it with a friend.

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