Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Low-Hanging Fruit

We tend to think in broad terms—we’re accustomed to looking at the big picture: what we’ll be when we grow up, what we’ll do once we finish college, who we’ll marry, etc. While dreaming and setting goals are good, we often miss out on the magic of the present moment when we’re focused on the future.

Take a few moments to go deep within yourself. Feel where you are at this very moment. Give yourself credit and be grateful for the accomplishments you have already made. Acknowledge your greatness and uniqueness. Identify and use the low-hanging fruit currently available to you (ideas, creativity, skills, personality, contacts, etc.) to see what you can do to catapult yourself to the next level. Set shorter-term goals if necessary and use resources you have at your disposal right now to continue on your path to greater happiness and personal success.


  1. Great reminder. Sometimes we are all in just such a hurry to see the future we don't take the time to enjoy the "NOW" I am so guilty of this at times. I will make a list of things I need to do now to get me to tomorrow. I love it! Thanks hun. :)

  2. It's how most of us are raised...think ahead, prepare for the future, etc., with very little emphasis on treasuring the only moment that is truly important--NOW. Now that we know better and we have children, maybe we can inspire ourselves and our children to realize the power of NOW.

    That's a great idea--to make a list of things we can do today and take small steps so we don't become frustrated with our inability to predict or manipulate the future.

  3. Thanks for sharing this post. Sometimes we need to slow down and appreciate everything that is right in front of us.

    Thanks for the follow too!

  4. Hi Jolene, I agree and you're welcome. Thank you also for the follow. I love your blog! :>).