Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love & Fear

"There are only two real emotions: Love and Fear." ~ author (uncertain)

I've heard this quote a lot and often wondered about its accuracy. I started applying it to my life--decisions I've made, the road I've traveled. Do I agree that love and fear are the only two "real" emotions, I'm not sure but what I do know is that these two opposing emotions have been at the root of everything I've done in my life.

Think back to all of the feelings you've experienced and the decisions you've made. Maybe you've been silent about something that was bothering you because you wanted to keep the peace or perhaps you acted submissively because you didn't want to be judged or not liked. When we make fear-based decisions we usually end up regretting them and sometimes we end up blaming or hating ourselves for the outcome and for being unauthentic. When we make decisions based on love and trust, we may sometimes feel a little vulnerable but ultimately, we feel free, strong and empowered for having the courage to choose what our heart desires.

Since you are the co-creator of your life with God and the universe, you get to choose...going forward, will you live your life and make decisions based on love and trust or fear and doubt? Everything you need to live an authentic, fulfilled life is already inside you. Trust it, call upon it, use it to create a life you can be excited about.


  1. Wow! What a great post. I try to base my decisions on trust & love but sometimes the feat over powers. Like blogging for example I was too scared to start one & now that I have I feel I should have done it for some time now.
    Very inspirational post. Great work.

  2. Thanks, Betty. It's amazing that you'd be attracted to this post. When I read your twitter DM about you finally starting your blog I thought about this post and about how fear can keep us from experiencing great joys in our lives. You are not alone and you, like many of us, have "felt the fear and done it anyway." Confidence & bravery certainly has it's rewards :>). ~ Love, Lynn