Sunday, September 13, 2009

Feng Shuiing My Home: Prosperity

I'm fascinated by the art/practice of feng shui. Feng shui (pronounced fung shway), originated in China over 4,000 years. Translated, it means "wind and water" and deals with furniture placement and energy flow in the home (or office).

After carefully drawing the bagua template (an eight-sided map that shows nine categories or life situations) and doing a quick assessment of the events of my current life, I felt compelled to concentrate on the categories that needed the most immediate attention:
  • prosperity (I love money and intend to maintain my "money magnet" status)
  • skills/knowledge (I'm studying a new subject--life coaching)
  • career/life path (I'll need to attract new clients)
It just so happens that in my home, the "prosperity" area is located in my bedroom. Go figure! LOL...there's a lot I could say here but since this is a family-oriented blog, I'll keep the thoughts of creative prosperity to myself.

Anyway, so I go in the bedroom, feng shui guide in hand to see how I can enhance this area. I'm not much for clutter so I don't have to spend time de-cluttering the space. The first thing I noticed is the huge glass/electronic waterfall picture over the bed. DH, bless his heart, was trying to create ambience but I've known all along that this picture would have to out it went (I think I'll put this in the career section later).

I created what I call "affirmation art" for the wall...a simple sign with the number 8 and the affirmation "I believe in infinite abundance and my needs are always met" printed in purple ink. Later, I'll get a gold frame with complimentary matting to finish off my art piece. I've also placed a large purple storage ottoman and amethyst and citrine gemstones in this area--for further reinforcement.

To the dresser I added a pair of gold, glitzy, bejeweled decorative round boxes--I put paper money in one and gold rings in the other. These boxes are great because the gold color and jewels represent prosperity. Since there are two of them I put them on the right corner of the dresser (which happens to be very close to the "relationships/love/marriage" area) and nestled together, they represent luck and a couple in love.

As I stated before, the prosperity area is in the bedroom and I think I've created a perfect setting for abundance, relaxation and love. Feng shui'ing my home is going to be a work in progress (much to my DH's dismay, I'm sure).  I'm excited to see the final results--I can't wait to see how changing/adding a few objects and colors to my home will change the energy in my home and my life.  I'm expecting good things!

If you want to use feng shui to improve the energy in your space, I recommend Karen Rauch Carter's book, "Move Your Stuf, Change Your Life." It is one of the easiest books I've found on the subject and it is full of interesting and easy to follow advice, tools and cures. I will list some of the tools for energizing the nine life situations in your home but in order to get a full understanding of what you are doing and why, you should refer the book.

Purchase the book here: Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life : How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness.

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