Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mid-Life Crisis?

Most of you know I recently turned 50, right? You've probably seen me twittering or posting on Facebook about how I was turning 50 and stoked I was about becoming a member of AARP. Well, I am now a card-carrying member of the AARP and along with being one of the newest members of the American Association of Retired Persons I've noticed a monumental personality shift...

The things I used to care about don't seem to matter anymore. I sometimes have trouble concentrating and I'm very emotional--will cry at the drop of a dime. I'm more sensitive and seemingly more intuitive. There even seems to be a slight crack in my once "tough as nails exterior"--yup, I've turned into a real softy. What's happening to me? It is hormonal? Could I be going through a mid-life crisis?

But, instead of wanting to run out and buy a red Corvette or going on a shopping spree for some hoochie mamma outfits, all I want do is create stuff. I have a new idea every day. It's as if I'm trying tackle every item on my "lifelong to-do list" before I die, LOL.

I won't bore you with the details of my incessent busy-ness (this will become evident in future posts) but I will say that I have never felt more alive and grateful for my life. I think I can really get into this mid-life thing. All is going to be okay :>).

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