Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mad as Hell

I'm a CNN junkie. This morning I tune in as usual to see what the world was up to while I was sleeping. I saw a segment with CNN correspondent, Carol Costello, entitled "Mad as Hell" discussing the bitter divide in America regarding politics, the economy and just about every other important area of our lives.

A lot of people are mad as hell. But what are they mad about? Hmmm, let's see: they're mad about the possibility of having stricter gun control laws, they're mad that the current administration wants to make sure that all legalized citizens have affordable, adequate health care, they're mad that we don't want to fund manufactured wars and loose our loved-ones who have to go and fight in these wars, they're mad that they are stalking around the country attending these outrageous "tea parties" and the media shows up--reporters and camera crews in tow--and documents their shenanigans for the world to see (and they blame the media for blowing things out of proportion) and last but not least, some people are simply mad because we have an African-American president (yes, I went there!).

We do have our share of issues in this country--many of which are self-imposed because we have become a nation of disrespectful, narcissistic, greedy, racist, classist, barbarians--acting out our personal fears in public like spoiled, petulant or dangerous, rabid animals.

When we get to a point where we are willing to look at ourselves, accept personal responsibility and do our part to help heal this great divide, we will cease to struggle and wallow in the negative energy that we have created. Instead of dwelling on fear and hatred, maybe we we could try living our lives with empathy, love, kindness and positivity. I know, I know, being negative and acting out is a whole lot more fun--until that negativity is pointed at you or someone in your family...

So, what say you? Are we ready to try something different? I honestly believe if were, we would be able to embrace the good and love that the Creator intended for us to experience in this lifetime.

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